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Old Campaigns open to the Public Empty Old Campaigns open to the Public

Post  GloriousRuse Wed May 07, 2014 5:45 pm

To the moderators or whomever:

I really think your 401 co op campaigns offer something that isn't on the market right now in the CLOD community. It definitely sets you apart from all the other squadrons - blue and red - I've seen. Its a massive point of pride for the squadron, and would be of interest to both potential pilots and the community at large I think.

Why not open up your old campaigns to public viewing? People will see what you do, and want to be part of it. People who fly on your server but aren't 401 will go "oh, cool, I want to contribute to THAT." And if you plan on rotating back through the campaigns (CLOD really can't stretch beyond early '41 no matter how you try), just re-classify the current historical period.

Its a win for everyone. And it makes garnering interest in upcoming campaigns really easy.


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Old Campaigns open to the Public Empty Re: Old Campaigns open to the Public

Post  AKA_Recon Wed May 14, 2014 8:37 am

I also think this would be good.

One thing I am not seeing much of is people sharing their mission creation code with the community.

I'd love to see the coding going on behind the scenes - and even help if I could.

(I have good experience with C#)

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