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What type of campaign scenario would you prefer?

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Post  Wolverine Wed Apr 08, 2015 12:10 am

So here's the idea:

What kind of campaign scenario are you interested in?

We've nearly completely covered France in targets and territory so we have a bunch of options open to us. We can do fictional campaigns that imagine if the British and French were able to hold a position below the Somme. We could run D-Day landings. We could do something completely different.

Some ideas I had for whatever campaign we run include keeping a running day count that would let you know exactly what day of the battle we're on, objectives to complete by certain dates for bonuses or penalties, aircraft sets and scenery (autumn, winter, summer map) that will change automatically depending on how long the war has been going for, and a few other things.

This is for the official campaign that will only run on the weekend (this instance of the map won't be running 24/7 but will still be persistent from saturday to saturday).

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Warfront Campaign Scenario Poll Empty Re: Warfront Campaign Scenario Poll

Post  Atag_Freya Wed Apr 08, 2015 12:30 am

I voted for '44. My reasoning:
1. axis team numbers vary too much such that we wouldn't be able to put enough bombers and escorts on the map - unless we can call in AI
2. It's a new-to-us scenario, and expands/continues on the d-day landing scenario. Push us out of France, will ya?
3. I like seeing spits with the d-day stripes! I just don't like having a sore neck after a night of flying...
4. (not really a reason) I like the idea of the progression being based only on whatever happens on saturday night! Also the running day count - awesome!

A final note - with the weather turning, I may miss out on some of this due to work, but I'll fake a broken leg if I have to. Thanks for doing this, I look forward to whatever the outcome!



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