Comparative Losses for Tour 3

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Comparative Losses for Tour 3 Empty Comparative Losses for Tour 3

Post  GloriousRuse Sun Sep 21, 2014 12:17 pm

All claims are made as best estimates from LW sources. All losses cover unrecoverable crash landings in addition to complete destruction. (Covers official campaign missions ending 13 SEP)

LW Losses:

JG 2 & JG 26 (Human 109s): 6x Aircraft, 3x Pilot
ZG 4 (Human 110s): 3x Aircraft, 3x Aircrew
Supporting Squadrons (AI): 8x Aircraft, ~5x Pilot

Aircraft: 17
Pilots/Crew: 11

RAF Losses
401st (401/450 Spits): 14x Aircraft, 11x Pilots
Attached Support (Other Human Spits): 3x Aircraft, 3x Pilots
Other Fighter Support (AI Spits): 1x Aircraft, 1x Pilot
105th (401/450 Blenheims): 3x Aircraft, 9x Aircrew
Other Bombers: 23x Blenheim, 0x Wellington, 69x Aircrew

Aircraft: 42
Pilots/Crew: 93

The RAF continues to be on the sharp end of a startling exchange rate, losing aircraft at a rate of 2.5:1 and personnel at a rate of just below 9:1. A contributing factor is thought to be last month's effective destruction of the heavy bomber force, forcing the RAF to field Blenheim wings in substitute. The reduced defensive firepower was most telling in allowing the LW to engage bombers longer, at closer ranges, and with fewer fighters needing to break off for damage.

RAF bomber losses continue to be high, at an estimated 50%, but recent evolution in escort techniques have reduced them so long as the escorts stay on task.

The LW continues to suffer greatly in per capita 110s lost to those launched, raising questions over their continued use in day time air to air roles.


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