Comparative Losses, Tour 5

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Comparative Losses, Tour 5 Empty Comparative Losses, Tour 5

Post  GloriousRuse Sun Oct 19, 2014 1:59 pm

LW Losses:

JGs 2 & 26 (Human 109s) : 9x 109s, 7x Pilots ... it turns out simultaneous landing form opposite sides of the runway is a bad idea...
ZG4 (Human 110s): 3x 110s, 5x Crew
Supporting Elements (AI): 9x 109s, 6x? pilots)

Total Losses: 21x Aircraft, 18x Personnel

RAF Losses:

401st: 18x Spitfires, 14x pilots (Yes, the entire squadron was effectively destroyed)
105th: 7x Blenheims, 21x crew
Front Line Squadrons (Other Humans): 1x Spitfire, 1x Pilot
Home Defense Squadrons (Human second flights): 2x Spitfires, 0x Pilots
Secondary Fighters (AI): 13x Spitfires, 13x Pilots
Bomber Command (AI): 9x Blenheims, 9x Wellingtons, 72x Crew

Total Losses: 59x Aircraft, 121x Personnel

For the first time since the early golden days of the bomber offensive, the majority of the committed RAF bombers actually survived to make it home, with record low losses hanging around 35% overall, though the occasional Blenheim flight was destroyed en masse. The same cannot be said for their fighter escorts, who routinely suffered 50% or greater losses on every raid. Only the recent increases in British production have kept fighter command afloat, and even then it is unclear how long they can sustain this bleeding.

The LW averaged 20% losses ( idea on the AI fighter count), though this number is skewed upwards by the raid on Plumetot which saw nearly 60% of this tour's total losses. The 110s continue to to be the hardest hit per capita, averaging 50% losses. Pilot losses were a particular issue as two of the planes were lost over the channel, and Wellington gunners continued a habit of putting rounds right through the cockpit.


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