Felipe's Fabulous First Fight Five!

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Felipe's Fabulous First Fight Five! Empty Felipe's Fabulous First Fight Five!

Post  Wolverine Mon Jan 09, 2012 3:28 pm

Congratulations to Felipe on his first recorded flight in the log! Five 109s! A great start to your career with No.401.

We'll get your Hurricane repaired as soon as we can. It's still flyable, but another battering like that and it'll be grounded for the rest of the week (until Friday when we can repair it).

But I'll raise an ale to five destroyed 109s any day! Hurrah!
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Felipe's Fabulous First Fight Five! Empty Re: Felipe's Fabulous First Fight Five!

Post  Felipe Wed Jan 11, 2012 11:34 pm

Hey Wolverine!

Thank your for the kind words ok? I really love fly with you! Did you remember that day when we fly togheter for the first time? That day i knew it, the No.401 and our friendship will grow up. Preatty good formations and very tecnical flights, good kills good team work.

So thank you all for the oportunity to improve my english (bad english on TS3 haha), for the friendships, and for the good flights! Im doing my best to put the No.401 on the TOP of RED squadrons! And will be!

Cya guys! And Wolverine!

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