Latest Information June3 8 - Black Six - LOOKS VERY GOOD!

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Latest Information June3 8 - Black Six - LOOKS VERY GOOD! Empty Latest Information June3 8 - Black Six - LOOKS VERY GOOD!

Post  ATAG_Catseye Fri Jun 08, 2012 1:00 pm

Good Morning!

We’ve completed most of the outstanding tasks this week, most importantly fixing most serious issues and speeding up the graphics engine. The game is now even faster, and the FPS slow-downs have been reduced even further. We are currently testing the new version and fixing various small issues as they are discovered. A public version of the new patch will not be ready before next Wednesday even if everything goes extremely well.

We’d also like to describe the work performed with the FM this week in more detail:

· Added new Hurricane Mk I and Spitfire Mk I variants with constant speed propellers and fuel tanks filled with 100-octane fuel. Older 87-octane variants also remain available. (Please note that the new planes use existing cockpits, so the boost indicator gauge shows new extrapolated values)

· Corrected (increased) low-altitude airspeeds for RAF fighters.

· Corrected Bf-109 rudder model, making it more effective to allow real-world maneuvers to be performed with just the rudder pedals.

· Corrected fuel model for more realistic gas mileage.

· Increased drag created by the radiator.

· Corrected throttle control model; now the entire range is used.

· Corrected flap sounds for the Bf-109.

· Corrected the pitot heat light on the Bf-109.

· Corrected the overspeed sound for aircraft; the sound will now increase in volume gradually and depend on airspeed.

Finally, as we approach the official announcement of the upcoming project, we continue to showcase the aircraft you will get to fly there. Today we’re showing the model of the Soviet Petlyakov Pe-2 bomber for the first time. This venerable aircraft fought with the Soviet VVS throughout the war, going through numerous improvements and modifications. Despite its many shortcomings it continued to play a more important role than its more refined successor the Tu-2 all up to the final days of the way.

We’d like to note that the screenshots are not taken in-game but rather in the internal model viewer app.

Have a great weekend!

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