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Post  Speed Thu Nov 08, 2018 9:59 am

Hi gents,

The Korea server was off-line last night but is up again today with a few upgrades. I checked it out and suspect that this is just an interim tune-up of the previous scenario with some refinements but not a major make-over that I think SeaQuark's is working on for release at some point in the future (hoping it's with the winter map).

This update does not included the WWII assets pack.

This update does not include any updates to the F10 menu, as no F10 ATC function exists for Sukhumi. Too bad, that would be a welcome improvement.


Since White Four remains missing, you can fly as Queen Four which is positioned in the North East corner of the parking lot next to White Three and directly opposite White Two.

I propose that if ATC at K-55 is enabled in a later version of the Korea server, that we default to the aircraft BORT numbers assigned by SeaQuark. That way we will know exactly who ATC is contacting for TO, taxi and landing instructions (also, if ATC is fully enabled, we might include verbal contact to K-55 tower to request permission to start, then flight lead will enter that key combo from the menu for the appropriate response). Let's hope for a fully functional ATC.

The scenario has changed somewhat with the primary mission tasks being air superiority around Bullseye (no change) and the addition of a second primary task being the destruction of an enemy base at MGR EK 60. Secondary mission tasks relate to previously known CAS, Strike, Escort and Armed Recon.

Frequency assignments are:

CH 00 Guard/Emergency trans to all channels
CH 01 Tower/ATC
CH 02 CAS mission (C/S BOSTON mission instructions/BUTCHER ground controller)
CH 03 Escort mission (C/S ARCHER)
CH 04 CAP (C/S DAISEY Early Warning Radar)
CH 05 Chat/Check in/Initial coord
CH 06-09 Flight comms unassigned
CH 10 Strike/Recon (C/S COLT)

K-13 NDB Freq remains 395 kHz
Bullseye NDB Freq is 378 kHz (I think this might be new as I don't recall a Bullseye NDB before??)

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Post  Hawk Fri Nov 09, 2018 11:59 pm

Hi Speed, copy on Queen Four.....Hawk
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