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Book link and another map  Empty Book link and another map

Post  |450|caveman Fri Jul 17, 2015 2:53 am

I forgot to give you all the link to the book i get all the maps and sectors from where i get all the info

This is a map showing all the Radar sites and observer locations

also so from the same page 161 chapter 9 it shows German aircraft
More precisely, the figures on 20th July were:

Strength Aircraft
Long-range bombers 1,131 769
Dive-bombers 316 248
Single-engined fighters 809 656
Twin-engined fighters 246 168
Long-range reconnaissance 67 48

Long-range bombers 129 95
Twin-engined fighters 34 32
Long-range reconnaissance 48 33

In addition, Luftflotten 2 and 3 disposed of some 90 short-range reconnaissance machines and Luftflotte 5 of 84 single-engined fighters for local defence.

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