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FAQ about No.401 SQUADRON Empty FAQ about No.401 SQUADRON

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1. Who should sign up with No.401?

No.401 Squadron is looking for willing pilots who want to fly for the RAF in IL-2: Cliffs of Dover. We primarily fly Hurricanes so you should be comfortable with, and willing to fly, that aircraft (though we do occasionally get an allotment of Spitfires). You should sign up with 401 if you are looking for organized play based around the North American time zones. Put simply, if you're tired of flying solo on solitary hunting trips and love the thrill of flying wingtip to wingtip with your wingmen into battle, 401 is the squadron for you.

2. What is expected of pilots in No.401?

New recruits to 401 Squadron are encouraged to complete a short series of tests before being placed on operational status. The test can be found elsewhere in the recruitment section of our forum. We operate as an organized wing with command structure. Pilots are assigned wingmen and expected to carry out their duties as requested by their commanders. All pilots will be given the opportunity to lead should they desire it. Pilots are expected to follow proper 401 Squadron procedure while taxiing on the ground or flying. Pilots are also expected to make every effort to participate in squadron events (online wars, training sessions, etc.).

3. How historically accurate is No.401 attempting to be?

No.401 Squadron attempts to maintain a historically accurate portrayal of squadron operations during the Battle of Britain when and where it makes sense to do so. We reserve the right to 'tweak' history in small ways if it suits the interest of the Squadron and the enjoyment of the game. For example, historically 401 Squadron flew as 1(C) Squadron during the Battle of Britain and was not renamed to 401 until later in the war, but we refer to our squadron as 401 throughout the Battle of Britain. We do this to distinguish the squadron from No.1 Squadron RAF(which is precisely why they changed it in reality as well) and to distinguish the squadron from 1C: Maddox Games, the computer game company that developed the simulation. Also, 401 Squadron did not receive spitfires until later in the war (after the Battle of Britain), but we will occasionally allot ourselves a few spitfires to fly because it adds to our enjoyment of the game.

4. Does No.401 keep track of statistics?

Yes. 401 Squadron has a section of its forums dedicated to keeping track of squadron information such as kills, losses, and even aircraft allocation. To us, a lot of the fun in a simulation like IL-2: Cliffs of Dover is in the details. To that end, 401 Squadron keeps track of the aircraft assigned to each pilot and the operational status of that aircraft in much the same way that a fantasy football league works. You're far more likely to become attached to your hurricane fighter if you have your own serial number and your own identification code that everyone knows and acknowledges. When your beloved BK391 YO-I gets shot down and damaged beyond repair, it has more meaning and it makes the game richer as a result.

5. Does No.401 have its own server?

Yes! No.401's home server is the Air Combat Group server where we participate in joint operations with the squadrons of the ACG - No.501 and No.64 Squadron RAF, and JG26 of the Luftwaffe. No.401 Squadron also actively flies on the most populated IL-2: Cliffs of Dover server in operation currently, ATAG's Axis vs Allies server, where all squadrons and individual pilots are welcome.

6. Does No.401 use Teamspeak or Ventrilo?

Yes. We currently communicate using our own private Teamspeak 3 server. Occasionally we will use ACG No.501/No.64 teamspeak server under our own No.401 Squadron channel for conducting operations with members of other squadrons or with individuals not affiliated.

7. When does No.401 Squadron fly online?

Members fly online in varying numbers every day of the week, and we have a large group co-operative campaign night on Saturday at 9:00pm EST.

8. How do I apply?

If you'd like to apply to No.401 Squadron, your first step is to post a statement of intent in the recruitment section of these forums. In your statement, answer the following questions:

  • Why do you wish to fly with No.401 Squadron?

  • Is someone sponsoring your application to No.401 Squadron? If so, who?

  • What is your timezone? At what times do you normally fly online?

Alternatively, send an email with the same information to wolverine at 401squadron dot com. Dots and at replaced with same.
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