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Thanks for allowing us to participate Empty Thanks for allowing us to participate

Post  busdriver Sat May 24, 2014 10:54 pm

Wolverine, badfinger, Alpine, and Devil

Thanks for letting me and Requiem join in on tonight's mission. My apologies for the late arrival I was having TS issues.

Apologies to the Blenheims that I had joined on, but lost. I didn't take notes in the briefing about their initial course from Red Hill, nor their I was expecting them to press SE roughly toward Dieppe. I missed their radio call that they were pressing from the rendezvous, bad form on my part.

Requiem and I did engage two 110s at low altitude on eastern coast of the Isle of Wight. We split them up and lost the tally on one of them. Status unknown. Got into a tail chase as one egressed SE. I got a couple hits on him, Requiem managed to put both of his motors out of commission. We did not see him bail out or impact the water. Confirm kill of Bf110 for Requiem.

Due to fuel and ammo status, we landed at Tangmere to rearm and refuel. Crew rest issues forced us both to head to the Officers Mess in search of a beer and bed.

I would like to join in future missions as my work schedule allows. Thanks again.

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