A.V.M. Keith Park flew with 401!?

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A.V.M. Keith Park flew with 401!? Empty A.V.M. Keith Park flew with 401!?

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Found this bit of an article written back in 1940 during the Battle of Britain:

Ottawa, 10 Oct. 1940 wrote:"Fights All Time"
"There is no finer man than Air Vice Marshal Keith Park, who is the Canadians' group commander," Bishop (Canadian Air Marshall Bishop) related. "When I talked to McNab he told me: 'I want you to meet our group commander. He fights with us all the time.' I got McNab into a corner and asked him what was the trouble between the Canadians and Park. 'What do you mean trouble?' answered McNab. I mean he goes up into the air and fights with us'."
Air Vice-Marshal Park is about 50 years of age, a New Zealander and a veteran airman of the last war, said Bishop. Despite his age and position he often goes into action with the Canadian squadron." "I just want to make sure our signal system is working perfectly," he explained to the Canadian visitor with a smile, when Bishop tackled him about the propriety of the group commander going up into the air to smash at the enemy.
Bishop said "surprisingly little damage" has been done to British air bases by bombing. A number of German pilots, brought down, had demanded to be taken at once to German headquarters in England, One young pilot, when captured, said: "Chamberlain very bad man. Hitler dove of peace."
Another said: "I was shot down in Poland, and my leader came and got me. I was shot down in France and my leader got me back. Now I'm shot down in England. My leader will come here too and bring me back."

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