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Post  StiC Sun Sep 23, 2012 3:02 pm

First up is Facetrack NoIR. A good starting point for discovering the advantages of head tracking. All you need is a camera and a face. Easy to setup and many tweaks.

Second is Freetrack. It requires a point model for the program to track and a camera capable of seeing IR light. I use a PSEye which doesn't have a very strong IR filter but does require special drivers. You will also need a visible light filter to place over the lens. An old floppy disc works well, if you can find one. There are lots of tweaking options and special attention should be given to the advanced tab in the profiles section where the option to enable translation relative to rotation is hidden.

Last is my ridiculous, but surprisingly effective solution for 2dof head tracking. I used it for Birds of Prey on the PS3, but it should work for any game with a mouse look option.

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