Found my Killer in SOW #3

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Found my Killer in SOW #3 Empty Found my Killer in SOW #3

Post  ATAG_Catseye Tue Jul 10, 2012 1:44 pm

Well Chaps,
From the log file of the SOW #3 campaign.

"Bf 110 C-7 () flown by 9./ZG26Klein killed the No.401_Catseye HurricaneMkI_100oct () Pilot."

The lesson in this for me is a STRONG reminder . . . . . DO NOT LET YOUR AIRCRAFT STRAY ABOVE THE CENTERLINE OF A BF110 WHEN ENGAGING FROM 6'OCLOCK FROM CLOSE IN.! Better to pull-off and let your wingman engage and then re-acquire and come in from either below or distant. Need to split the defensive fire of the 110 if there is two of you. Especially if the pilot is human and doing circus acts.

The tail-gunner will do you an injustice.

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Found my Killer in SOW #3 Empty Flight Log Access?

Post  Speed Sun Jul 15, 2012 11:43 am


How does one access a server flight log? Is that somehow loaded into our own log files. I want to be able to better verify my claims in the ATAG server and normally just watch the screen server scroll log but at times when the action is fast I miss things. I'm following the stats from the ATAG server, but I think it assigns a single point under air kill, any time you get full or partial credit for a kill. Case in point, I got three additional points between 10 and 13 Jul and know from the screen server list that I shared 2 kills and got one full credit. Last night I think I got one full and one partial, but when I checked the server states I had two more points. So I do not want to claim two full kills. Is there a way to access these server logs to verify claims? I checked my own files under the log records, but could not locate in game info.

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