F-16C Viper first test flights

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F-16C Viper first test flights Empty F-16C Viper first test flights

Post  Catseye Thu Oct 03, 2019 7:04 pm

Hi Guys,
Well I spent several hours configuring my HOTAS to correspond with the real F-16C. I have a WH Stick mounted on a VKB gunfighter base and a WH Throttle. I still have my old Cougar throttle but one of the switches will not work with the setup so I will be ordering a Hall sensor and conversion board for independent USB connect.

Having said that - it is VERY different from the FA-18C.

The fA-18C is a breeze to land. Easy to keep all the HUD elements in the correct place. With the F-16C, it is a little more challenging keeping the AOA indicator lined up with the flightpath marker at the 2.5 degree glide-slope. Still working on perhaps using some trim but that will come.

Don't worry a thing about flaps. They are totally auto regardless of your aircraft attitude. Wheels down automatically sets the flaps for correct approach. She really flys slow with flaps up. Quite the bird.

Lots of acceleration.

The HOTAS will take getting used to as to how it selects the SOI or alternates them or goes through the menus on the selected one.

I love the way the HUD shows just where you are pointing the FLIR. You can also pick out a ground target by just moving the controls and watching the HUD. Very intuitive.

I don't use TM's Target Script any more and coming up to speed in the SIM's lua files.
I wrote three quick scripts to make my WH Throttle work better with switches.
I wrote a toggle command for Master Arm on/off - Toggle for a laster switch on/off - toggle command for airbrakes so just releasing the switch makes the brakes close. I also made these files ready for JSGME so can de-install them when an update is coming through and then re-activate them after.

I also messed around so that I have as close to 100 mil power when just before and touching the AB detent. Push it through and hang on. Too bad the WH throttle does not have the three notch AB detents like the F16 Cougar throttle. Looking forward to that.

Radio is a bit more challenging in that you have to select whether you want to transmit in UHF or VHF. This makes a difference with the tower.

This is gonna' be fun!

Cats . . .


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F-16C Viper first test flights Empty F-16 Viper

Post  Speed Thu Oct 03, 2019 10:27 pm

Sounds like we're going to have a formidable ally in our midst. Should be loads of fun having the F-16 up with us.

Keep learning Cats. We'll all take great interest in what you have to post about the Viper.

Hey Wolvie, can we set up another folder for Cats to act as moderator and assign that to the F-16 Viper? That way we can follow along with Cats, even if we don't immediately purchase that module.



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