Tactical Combat Operations France 1944 Inductees

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Tactical Combat Operations France 1944 Inductees

Post  Wolverine on Wed Jul 01, 2015 3:58 pm

Attention all No.401 and |450| Squadron Pilots:

As we near the start of the next campaign in our now long series, we must remember our previous victories and struggles. A little late, but not forgotten, I now bring to your attention the recipients of the Virtual No.401 Squadron Tactical Combat Operations France 1944 medal.

The qualifications are:
No.401 or |450| Squadron membership
Participation in combat operations during Campaign #6: Warfront
Distinguished service in aid of completing objectives, capturing territory, and assisting squadron mates

Those who qualify are listed below:

The above may append the following medal ribbon to their signatures or in any other such context.

This medal is awarded to No.401 Squadron and |450| Squadron members who successfully contributed to combat operations during the Warfront campaign. The recipient of this medal was involved in action over France from forward operating airfields and assisted in capturing and holding territory. Operations involved air superiority cover, tactical ground attack, and bombing operations.

The green bar represents the land based nature of operations for this campaign over France. The red lines represent light caliber anti-aircraft fire. The blue lines represent the higher caliper '40mm' anti-aircraft fire which represented a high priority target during operations.

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