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Post  Wolverine Mon Jul 21, 2014 3:29 am

I've received a lot of 'thank you's from people over the last while for the Saturday missions and for the server in general, but I feel that I should make it clear that the whole thing is a team effort and there is a lot of commendation to go around.

First, I would thank every member of No.401 and |450| Squadron for being the reason any of this is here to begin with. I'd probably have packed it in a long time ago if not for the dedication of guys coming out to fly and participate in our weekly campaigns. In no particular order: Alpine, StiC, DNR, Hawk, Badfinger, Squiz, Devil, Target, Caveman, Kookaburra, and everyone else I may have missed. Our numbers may be small, but the sheer quality of these mates is unmatched.

Secondly, I've had help in building missions and content for the server that we put up and for the locally hosted missions we ran in the early days. DNR and Squiz have been very helpful in providing missions, briefings, targets, and additional content on the forums that really helps keep things fresh and exciting.

Thirdly, there's been a lot of help given to us either indirectly from finding posts on the various forums about code snippets or directly from those who've worked with our group to help get missions working and include great features. FG_28Kodiak, Salmo, 92. Sqn Reddog, LG1_Farber, 9./JG52 Hans Gruber, TheEnlightnedFlorist, LG1_Vogler, and others I'm sure I've horribly neglected to mention. Without work they've done or ideas they've supplied, a lot of what we have running wouldn't be possible.

So there's a lot of reasons that we're still kicking here. If you're enjoying what we've got to offer you, the next time you see one of the above individuals give 'em a bit of a nod.

Thank you


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