ESM Awarded to OCdt DNR

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ESM Awarded to OCdt DNR Empty ESM Awarded to OCdt DNR

Post  Wolverine on Fri Apr 20, 2012 10:49 am

Attn. all No.401 Staff and Auxilliary:

Owing to events described on April 19, 2012, Officer Cadet DNR is awarded the Exemplary Services Medal for his actions against enemy forces and skill demonstrated in control of his Hurricane aircraft.

After successfully engaging a flight of He111s en route to England in which multiple enemy aircraft were prevented from dropping ordinance on England\, the Officer Cadet was returning to Manston AF when attacked by a hunting 109e enemy aircraft. Despite having his aileron control cables cut, the pilot was able to successfully evade further attack and land the damaged aircraft successfully with no injury to himself or others. This demonstration of nerve and calm reaction while under intense pressure has earned Officer Cadet DNR the Exemplary Services Medal.

The flight log for these actions may be found here.

ESM Awarded to OCdt DNR Esm10

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