BoX and DCS Sales

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BoX and DCS Sales

Post  Wolverine on Fri Oct 27, 2017 9:52 am

Figured we should start a thread for BoX and DCS sales since they happen frequently and without much notice.

Sale on BoS, BoM, and several of the collector aircraft through the website and steam:

Halloween Sale Starts Now! Steam and Website

Pilots it’s time for some scary savings! Starting today through Nov. 1st we're offering the following special prices on Sturmovik and Rise of Flight content.

Battle of Stalingrad – 50% OFF (Steam, website)

Battle of Moscow - 50% OFF (Steam, website)

10 Days of Autumn Scripted Campaign - 50% OFF (website)

Fw-190 A-3 and La-5 (series 8) - 50% OFF (Fw-190 A-3 on Steam, La-5 on Steam, website)

All other Collector Planes (P-40E-1 on Steam, MC202 on Steam, Ju 52/3m and Yak-1b are only available on our website) at 40% OFF,

Blazing Steppe Scripted Campaign (website exclusive offer, the first time ever!) at 33% OFF.

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