Turret Controls for BoX

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Turret Controls for BoX

Post  Wolverine on Sat Oct 14, 2017 10:13 pm

Squiz and I were having problems getting the turrets to work but finally got it sorted here are the controls you need:

Under weapons controls you will need:
Turret: take/leave control
Turret: nestle to the gunsight
Fire turret guns
Reload turret guns

Under Pilot head controls you will need:
Bow pilot head vertically - Recommend Mouse Y
Turn pilot head horizontally - Recommend Mouse X

Now, you will probably also want to go into the Input Devices options (from main options) and change the Sensitivity and Acceleration of the Mouse to suit your taste. I found that I had these jacked way up and it made controlling the turret nearly impossible.

Remember, your trackir will function along side these controls, so if you're the pilot and you touch the mouse while flying, your view will shift. Weird, I know. They should really have separate controls for turret movement and head tracking, but there it is.

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