How did the Sat show go?

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How did the Sat show go?

Post  AKA_Wiley on Sun Sep 28, 2014 4:33 pm

Sorry fellas for missing 9/27 was out with my wife,how did the sorties go?


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Re: How did the Sat show go?

Post  Wolverine on Mon Sep 29, 2014 9:40 am

Not too bad for us actually. We only lost one of our Spitfires in a very bad landing by the C/O on 1 gallon of fuel. Several claims and some damage done to a target. The enemy broke up the bomber formation a bit on its way in, so the target was spared the full force of the payload, but overall I'd say success.

Our AI rodeo didn't fare as well. After dropping down from 25,000 ft to engage...something, they then climbed back up without us and were intercepted. Being AI and having already engaged something, they did their usual fly in a straight line thing and were mowed down (one of the reasons why we don't figure AI losses - they're simply not sophisticated enough to count on).

Of the 16 Wellingtons that went over, we lost at least 6 of them and probably 8. The last two were limping back and we had no fuel to escort them in.

Mostly good fortune for us, though.

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