BLUE participation in 401 Squadron 1941 campaign

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BLUE participation in 401 Squadron 1941 campaign

Post  Wolverine on Mon Apr 14, 2014 2:38 pm

The question of BLUE participation in this campaign was brought up in earnest this week and after some thought and recent developments, I've decided against it. Outlining of the reasons below:

1. This campaign mission, its scripts, its targets, its play mechanics, and AI deployment was all designed for a RED co-operative campaign with no BLUE involvement. The campaign has been delayed several times for various reasons outside of our control and further delays to redesign significant portions of the campaign in order to accommodate BLUE pilots would further delay things.

2. ATAG has now chosen to run a campaign on the same day a few hours earlier. This would mean many potential pilots (on both sides) will be flying from 3:00pm to 5:00pm, take a break for dinner, and then jump in again at 8:30pm to fly our campaign for another 2 hours or so. That's a lot of computer time to ask of anyone, let alone those of us with families and children...on a the summer. It's just now not feasible to assume we would get the numbers because I'm pretty sure people are going to choose ATAG over 401.

3. Historical play with randomization is the name of our game and it will be too hard to coordinate fairly with a BLUE team to make that happen. It would involve too much sitting around doing nothing and that's not fun for anyone.

So, at this time we will be closing the 401 Campaign to BLUE players. Anyone is welcome to fly RED as a Blenheim pilot, or those who are not affiliated with a Squadron at present are free to join us as guest pilots in the escort/sweep role as an introduction to No.401 Squadron or |450| Squadron with the intention of deciding to join up or not.

Thank you,

S/L Wolverine
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