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Post  Speed on Fri Jan 11, 2019 5:05 pm

You would have received this with your weekly newsletter. I'm just adding it here for the record as we continue to track the development of improved multiplayer server capabilities. This issue was highlighted this week when we flew a sortie in the Korea server and it was full of freezes and stutter, while Wolvie's home PC provided a silky smooth flight. Much work still needs to be done to optimize multiplayer performance over highly fragmented world wide communications systems.

DCS World Multiplayer

In the closing weeks of 2018, we made the Dedicated Server software available to a handful of trusted 3rd party online servers. Based on their feedback, we have been tuning and expanding the software to best suit customer needs.

One aspect of the Dedicated Server we are also exploring is the availability of free maps to Dedicated Server hosts.

In addition to this new Server software, the team has also been at work developing an integrated Voice Over IP (VOIP) system for DCS World which is based on the growing Web RTC standard. The first phase will allow users to use and create “rooms” and the second phase would integrate the VOIP into in-cockpit radio controls.

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